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Black Wave At Its Best: Eva Ras – “The Statue Of Liberty Has No Heart”

  • January 21, 2018
  • 2 min read
Black Wave At Its Best:  Eva Ras – “The Statue Of Liberty Has No Heart”
Photo: Filip Stojiljkovic


Eva Ras

“Eva Ras – The Statue Of Liberty Has No Heart”

Same Blood, Different Place

If you want to here one of the most talented bands in Serbia, Eva Ras is the band you need to hear.  Named after the Serbian actress, writer, and painter, who is well known and highly awarded, especially under the Yugoslavian regime. Basically composed of Filip Stojiljkovic, Eva Ras is part of the new Black Wave music of the Balkan areas and Eastern Europe.  Also, Stojiljkovic is probably the best of them all.  He also runs his own music company, confusionspecialistrecords, where he releases interesting cassettes and digital downloads of new and upcoming bands.  Stojiljkovic is the new face and the new sound for Black Wave.  Thanks for bringing all these great bands to life, and your band, Eva Ras, is the best.  All you punks and natty dreads, jump on this train before it leaves the station for good.  This is the New Wave/Punk of now.  On this tape, Eva Ras split with The Worst Is Yet to Come, a band from Ukraine that complements Eva Ras well.  This is a great combo.  (I love the fact that European bands released split tapes to introduce fans to multiple bands.  This is the true meaning of the indie, DIY spirit, which the US should definitely use.)



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