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Brooklyn Power Pop: Best Behavior – “Say”

  • August 14, 2017
  • 1 min read
Brooklyn Power Pop:  Best Behavior – “Say”

Best Behavior


Good Luck Bad Karma

WOW, and I thought great power pop was dead, but here comes Best Behavior to kick me out of my complacency.  Taken cues from the early Who and The Kinks, wrapping it up with a catchier beat, these guys have created a sound that reflects the past yet is quite new.  Hailing from Brooklyn, Best Behavior is an incendiary four-piece garage pop band comprised of songwriter and lead vocalist Alex Gruenburg, Jon Mann, Chris Jimenez, and Daniel Jacobson. No surprise that they are Brooklyn boys (there is something in the water).  They are on tour this summer.  Catch them.  Live they are wonderful.

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