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DIY Electronica: -ness, “THE PROPAGANDIST”

  • October 18, 2016
  • 1 min read
Photo Cred: Zoey Peck
Photo Cred: Zoey Peck



whatever’s unclear to you, it’s the same to me

What a completely original and wonderful band.  -ness says:

-ness explains of the track:  “This song originated from a place of deep uncertainty about what to believe in religion, politics, media, who to trust, what to do with our lives after college, etc..  We were looking for a philosophy, a way to think it all through and make this life our own, instead of just molding into a cluster of narratives injected into our everyday lives. We began writing to make sense of it all, and the first product was “The Propagandist.”

Ethan Peck and Jesse Weisberg make up -ness, and it really is the most interesting band since Neutral Milk Hotel.  Peck and Weisberg recorded the album in Long Island, Tel Aviv, and St. Louis.  The sense of immediacy is evident, and being mixed and mastered in a basement on a laptop just enhances the DIY of the album.

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