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Earthy Dream Pop: I AM SNOW ANGEL – “Keep You Out”

  • November 19, 2015
  • 1 min read

I am snow angel2


“Keep You Out”


I AM SNOW ANGEL has done it again.  She has produced a song that is so dreamlike, so perfect.  She has a voice that is angelic without being to unearthly.   I AM SNOW ANGEL reveals that she is continuing to explore the subtle complexities of desire, passion and longing on Desert, while “creating a very intriguing and mysterious composition in the process” (Beats and Beyond).  Subtlety is definitely a trademark of I AM SNOW ANGEL.  Sounding like a more awake Hope Sandoval (no insult to Hope; her music is beautiful, but more dreamlike).  I AM SNOW ANGEL is more earthy, more immediate, more tangible.  I love I AM SNOW ANGEL.  “Keep You Down” is a perfect single to listen to while watching the snow fall this winter while you are curled up in front of the fireplace.

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