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Eccentricity Dream Pop: ANMLPLNET – “Fucked By A Cloud”

  • February 28, 2018
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Eccentricity Dream Pop:  ANMLPLNET – “Fucked By A Cloud”
Photo Cred: Charlotte Chanler


“Fucked By A Cloud”

Fall Asleep

WOW.  Leah Wellbaum’s voice is the greatest, and this song is amazing, which really is no surprise considering that the band used to be part of Slothrust, one of my favorite bands.  As their bio says:

Nobody is more surprised about having created a full ANMLPLNET album than the group itself: Slothrust leader Leah Wellbaum and drummer/singer Mickey Vershbow. The two met while they were both immersed in the Boston music scene, and then went on to pursue separate musical careers on opposite coasts. The project and debut LP truly displays their magnetic musical bond, even while withstanding physical distance and hectic schedules. The band was formed originally on four disparate rules:

1. Always drink absinthe while rehearsing.
2. Write lyrics that are antonymic translations, meaning nouns, adjectives and verbs were replaced with their antonyms.
3. Play songs straight through as one giant piece, no breaks.
4. Accept mostly unusual gigs, like their performances at a Dorchester rave and in a wooden shack on the tiny Star Island off New Hampshire.

This song is such a great example of why I loved Slothrust, just more so.  Wellbaum’s voice and guitar takes the lead, with Vershbow showing every drummer exactly how to play, sounding something like Brian Viglione from Dresden Dolls, always there but not overbearing.  Wellbaum’s guitar fadeout is one of the greatest I’ve ever heard.  This is a magnificent band, and “Fucked By A Cloud” has one of the most killer endings ever.  Is it the beans?  Remember, Boston is home to the Dresden Dolls and The Cars, two bands well known for eccentricity and great songs.  ANMLPLNET has just joined that group.  Jump the train now.

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