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Emoviolence: One Bad Lung

  • April 29, 2018
  • 1 min read
Emoviolence:  One Bad Lung

One Bad Lung

One Bad Lung

Formally known as onlynowiseethelight, One Bad Lung has released their first EP, and Christ, it’s great.  Obnoxious, loud, disturbing, it delivers exactly what it promises:  to put danger back into rock n roll.  It revenge, the enemy, and One Bad Lung is your enemy.  On the first song, “The Size of A Gun Relative To A Child’s Arm”, the band sings:

You’ve held the whip for long enough, we’ve dragged dead weight for years, I suppose the demon’s name is change, but the only living prophets are handcuffs, from the forge to the throat, do it again cause its a trend, it never ends cause its a trend, suspicion lends cause its a trend, my friends are dead cause it’s a trend

One Bad Lung is comprised of: Gabe: Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics;
Zach: Bass, Lyrics; and Niklas: Drums; with Maria: Art.  This band will challenge your of what music is.

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