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Experimental R&B: Makeunder – “Pale Cicada”

  • July 2, 2019
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“Pale Cicada”

Pale Cicada

This is surely one of the more interesting records so far for 2019. There is so much going on, not just on the service but bubbling underneath like a Yellowstone geyser, just ready to erupt.  As their bio succinctly states:

While Pale Cicada is ultimately about growing up in a place where you don’t belong, struggling through it, and ultimately surviving, Hamilton has come to see that struggle through a broader political lens. It’s really why he wrote “In Between My Dead-End Jobs” in the first place: he began to see his stories reflected as a larger narrative in the U.S. “I want to give people an escape from the anxiety and grind of their daily lives – at least for a little bit,” he says. And with a project like Makeunder that’s too big and too loud to ignore: Hamilton has done just that, crafting his own alternative to the routine of day-to-day life.

Hamilton Ulmer is the main core of Makeunder, and he refers (quite rightly) to experimental orchestral rock R&B, and that pretty much covers it.  All I know, Makeunder is one hell of a band, and Ulmer is definitely not like anyone else out there.  My God, just listen to his voice.  It is just unbelievably potion and passionate.

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