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Folk For The Next Generation: The Builders And The Butchers – “Casket Lands”

  • March 26, 2017
  • 1 min read
Photo Credit: Cameron Browne

The Builders and The Butchers

“Casket Lands”

The Spark

I love Americana when it preaches.  The Builders and The Butchers are one of those bands who definitely testify and speak out against the evil they see around them without pulling any punches.  This is Pete Seegar/Woody Guthrie folk music; music with a message.

“This is a pretty simple call and response folk tune about desperation.  On its face its a old story song, but a lot of the themes can be related to today.  The Inspiration for this came from my Leadbelly library of congress recordings,” singer Ryan Sollee reveals.

Coming from Portland area, The Builders and The Butchers formed in 2005. Ryan Sollee fronts the band, sings and plays guitar, joined by Willy Kunkle (bass, guitar, vocals, percussion), Justin Bair (drums, backup vocals, percussion) and Harvey Tumbleson (mandolin, banjo, guitar, vocals, percussion). This is the sound of the revolution.  This is what Americana is all about.  This is THE band.

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