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Genius All Around: Steevo Nuissier – “A Scene (Live Rehearsal)”

  • September 2, 2018
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Genius All Around:  Steevo Nuissier – “A Scene (Live Rehearsal)”

Steevo Nuissier

“A Scene (Live Rehearsal)”

When Steevo Nuissier puts out any new music, I always pay attention.  Steevo is one of the most intelligent and talented performer out there.  Sometimes, as in this Live Rehearsal, he seems to be channeling Ian Curtis; other times, Serge Gainsborough comes back through the speakers.  All the time, though, it is the genius of Steevo that is at the back of all these songs.  As his bio says:

I’m Steevo, I’m French, I live in Oxford.This is my world, this is my music, my take on Life.This is how I feel, what I observed. Music is my vision of the world we live in. I’m sending some positive energy to make people feel good.

In his live shows, he is joined on stage with Kwesi Edman playing the cello and Marc Burgess playing the guitar.  No matter where he is going musically, Steevo’s journey is one for which I have bought a ticket.  Oh, and his lyrics are amazing.

A Scene

Update from a friend today:
He’s left her all alone
Yeah all alone…though she’s so pretty!
Most of the fun came from this human form…She finds so funny!
It’s the end of a romance
She’s calling all her friends…It’s her last chance!
She’s got her father in, got all her cousins, all came to the rescue
She’s got her brothers in, got some magazines… Then ready to shock!

I’ve been left here on my own…
What a Scene : there’s no one to be found.

She’s got the best friends
She said she might turn into something
Something ugly and nasty
That nobody knows or ever seen up here!
Nobody knows or ever seen
In this part of the town
She says : “Hey you!”
“Yeah you!
The boy and the girl in the corner just like me!Kiss me right here!” She says.
And we don’t know what to do!

Maximize then let got!

She’s got a fake croissant in her mouth, in her hand a creamy scone that screams : ” Eat me!”
And we don’t know what to do!
We’ll get to the bone and we’ll sing a song
We’ll get all the gang and we’ll get you some rounds!

I must be so lucky …
‘Coz I’m not on my own!

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