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Growing Pains: CocoRosie – “Smash My Head”

  • November 10, 2019
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Growing Pains:  CocoRosie – “Smash My Head”


“Smash My Head”

Put The Shine On


Bianca and Sierra Casady have done it again.  They are most definitely the strangest yet one of the greatest acts out there.  And on “Smash My Head”, all the various sounds they have used come together to make an ass-kicking song.  On “Smash My Head”, Sierra demonstrates her operatic stripes to amazing affects while Bianca’s vocal style, half singing/half tale-spinning, fits in well with the message. As CocoRosie states:

“For us, our song “Smash My Head” is a running-on-fire cry from the teenage heart, an inner scream we never dared to let out. The song climaxes in an exaltation, an expression of ecstatic death. It journeys from a hard-knock desert childhood scene to a transcendent cosmic passing to another realm.”

CocoRosie has never backed away from controversy (check out “Child Bride” or “Jesus Loves Me”), and on this song, the confrontational still takes place.  Backed with a beautiful if disturbing video, this song proves that 2020 (when the album comes out) is going to be some great musical year.  This is one of the best songs that my favorite band has put out to date.  Listen and revel in the sound.

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