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Grunge Pop: talker – “Intimidated”

  • November 11, 2018
  • 1 min read
Grunge Pop:  talker – “Intimidated”



talker is Celeste Tauchar (a play on her last name).  Born in Frankfurt, Germany, she grew up in Sacramento, California with a German Catholic mother and Jewish Agnostic father, talker was influenced by the grunge music and Lilith Fair movement, talker writers beautiful, hard-hitting songs.  “Intimidated” starts with acoustic guitar, and then the electric guitar kicks in and stuns you always.  talker surrounds herself with Dan Sadin (guitarist, Frenship), April Bender (Glassnote), and Phil Simmonds (Jessie J, Eryn Allen Kane), to create amazing music that reminds of Fiona Apple and poe meet Nirvana in a dark alleyway.  This is truly great, intimate, ass-kicking music.

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