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HEAR: DeQn Sue – “Bloody Monster”

  • May 31, 2015
  • 1 min read

deqn sue


“Bloody Monster”


Do you like to be frightened, think, and dance at the same time?  Listen to DeQn.  Her voice is amazing, her message strong and in your face; yet, she makes music that is extremely danceable.  As NPR said:

DeQn Sue‘s proprietary blend of anger and silliness struck us as impressive, irresistible, and vital.

There is an underlying element of anger in DeQn Sue’s music, but it’s directed in a healthy and healing way.  Her voice, her voice, her voice.  (I know, I repeated that three times).  This is one impressive voice, this is one singer that has a lot to over.  Sometimes, she reminds me of Cynthia from Sly and the Family Stone.  ALL THE SQUARES, GO HOME.

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