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HEAR: LEMMO – La Cienega

  • September 6, 2015
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“La Cienega”

The Marquis

I really do love Americana, but when you add a little Mexican influence and end the song with a beautiful piano, you have my attention.  This band is tremendous.  According to front-man, Michael Lemmo, the song is about “a story of doing things on faith or just a feeling, but the reason is undefined.”

According to Wikipedia,

La Cienega Boulevard is a major north–south arterial road that runs between El Segundo Boulevard in Hawthorne, California on the south and the Sunset Strip/Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

Once I knew that, the song made more sense, that sense of wandering around West Hollywood or any city, just using the street as a reference.  Listen to this band: they are amazing.

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