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HEAR: Lexi Scherr – “Not The Kind”

  • September 1, 2015
  • 1 min read

lexi scherr

Lexi Scherr

“Not The Kind”

All Take

Wow, from that beautiful bass line (one of my favorites ever) that starts the song, and then that fabulous voice, this song is a wonder.  When Scherr sings, ‘you’re not the kind I usually like”, you consider how lucky you are that the femme fatale has decided to look at you.  That is not an insult.  Scherr comes across as knowing she is better than you are, and dammit, she is better than mere mortals.  This is the voice of a siren, of a nymph tempting you into her world, a definite follower of Artemis who has caught you in her web.  And I am one.  I know, I use the term love too often, but I really really really like Lexi Scherr.  There is something about her that puts her on a plane above most divas, and remember, she has turned her gaze on you, you undeserving minion.


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