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HEAR: New Order – “Restless” (The Agoria Remix)

  • September 4, 2015
  • 1 min read

new order

New Order

“Restless” (The Agoria Remix)

Music Complete

“Restless” is the first single off of New Order’s album, Music Complete.  New Order is as great as ever, if older and more mature, still dark as ever.  I have been a fan of New Order since they were Warsaw, before the death of Ian Curtis.  And I’ve always been so amazed at how they’ve grown but stayed true to their roots.  New Order is THE BAND people should be listening to.  Who can make you think while your dancing?  New Order can.  Unbelievably great single.  I cannot wait the the release of the whole album later this September.  Age has never slowed these guys down.  I would rather dance to New Order than any other band.  To keep coming back with new material that is always great is amazing.  Welcome back; you have been missed.


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