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Hear – Running Young – “Did You See”

  • March 26, 2015
  • 1 min read

running young

Running Young

“Did You See”

We Are The Sons

There is something 60’s about Running Young that is really wonderful.  Whether it’s the harmonies, the production, the subject matter, “Did You See” sounds like classic U2 or Beach Boys, while still sounding up-to-date.  Listening to the music of Running Young, you can feel the optimism behind the music.  This definitely has a lot to do that the fact that in 2012, lead singer/bass player Famularo survived open-heart surgery with a 2-3 percent chance to live, which he channeled into music intended to inspire and connect people. And inspired he does.  It is rare nowadays to hear a bad with such great, tight harmonies telling such a huge story is Famularo’s survival.  Inspiring.

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