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Hear – Ten Ton Man – “Mary”

  • September 21, 2014
  • 1 min read

ten ton man

Ten Ton Man


This is a great slice of the underbelly of Americana that Johnny Cash and Social Distortion were known for.  This band is tight, mean, ready to fight, perfect bar music.  You’ll find yourself singing along to “Mary” as you’re drinking that draft beer in your favorite bar.  Nothing fancy here, just tight musicianship and, on top of it all, Paul Livernese’s gruff, affecting vocals; the vocals of the man who’s seen and felt everything, good and bad.  “Mary” just builds on every experience you ever had and puts it in a bottle for you.  Livernese has one of those voices, like Cash and Waits, that make you know he understands your pain and joy.  This is the new band for the underdog.  LOVE IT!!!!!


Ten Ton Man

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