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Heart on His Sleeve: Jesse Hale Moore – “Leave You Lonely”

  • February 21, 2017
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Jesse Hale Moore

Jesse Hale Moore

“Leave You Lonely”

Green End

Jesse Hale Moore has one of those voices that take you back to early Elton John or even Carly Simon, when people wrote great pop songs and just sang them.  Moore is an interesting man.  Raised on Aquidneck Island, RI, he was surrounded by family where everyone played an instrument.  Extremely musical from a young age, he has certainly honed his class with his stay in Philadelphia for the last 10 years.  Here is his story of writing “Leave You Lonely”:

“I wrote ‘Leave You Lonely’ during a difficult break up. It occurred to me that sometimes you have to say pretty cruel things when severing ties with people you love or have loved. The lyrics, ‘You should know by now, I will leave you lonely’ reflect a difficult and painful conclusion to a long term relationship. While the chorus is pretty direct the verses of the song are more abstract meditations on loneliness. For instance, the lyrics, ‘spirits haunting every home, blue lights flashing in an empty room’ came to me as I walked the streets of my Philadelphia neighborhood and noticed blue television lights flashing in almost every house I passed. Something about that observation made me feel terribly alone.”

Moore is a true romantic in the vein of Elton John and Bryan Ferry, with a voice that is beautiful and amazing.

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