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Heavenly Music: Electric Youth – “The Life”

  • July 13, 2019
  • 1 min read
Heavenly Music:  Electric Youth – “The Life”

Electric Youth

“The Life”

Memory Emotion

This beautiful piece of dreampop is some of the best I’ve heard since Mazzy Star.  Electric Youth are vocalist Bronwyn Griffin and multi-instrumentalist Austin Garrick, and Griffin’s voice is this elegant whisper underneath which Garrick has provided such beautiful instrumentation to help lift Griffin’s voice to the heavens.  This is the type of music you play as the sun sits and the gloom gathers beautifully around you.  As for the title and scope of the record, their bio states:

“It is very much externally inspired from our lives, the lives of people around us, and everything that’s going on in the world,” says multi-instrumentalist Austin Garrick…  “There really is a strong link between music and memory and emotion, and ‘Memory Emotion’ is what we came up with for that link.”

I know that music triggers memories and memories trigger emotions, and when I hear Electric Youth, I am transported to a past (which might not have existed) and a future (which I hope will exist).  Let your mind go.

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