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Illusionary Rock: MIIST – “Philosophy of Pessimism”

  • May 12, 2019
  • 1 min read
Illusionary Rock:  MIIST – “Philosophy of Pessimism”
Michał Pielak — with Robert Kułakowski and Michał Koczor at Red Lamp Buzz.


“Philosophy Of Pessimism”

All The Useless Spinning

This is such great midnight music, wrapped up so tight yet still free and almost formless.  Coming from Warsaw, MIIST is Michał Koczor – Guitar, Synth; and Robert ‘Falon’ Kułakowski – Drums.  The music they make is best described as stoner psychedelic prog rock.  This is great music made to disappear into.  Life is an illusion, and MIIST makes the best illusion unreal music ever.  Just relax; let life slide by.  Remember nothing that you cannot love (to quote Hawkwind).  This is my go-to midnight album.

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