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Inhabiting Dreams: Saint Slumber – “Sleeptalk”

  • July 14, 2019
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Inhabiting Dreams:  Saint Slumber – “Sleeptalk”

Saint Slumber


YOUTH / / / 3

The second single from YOUTH / / / 3 dropped and what a great single it is.  “MANTRA” was such a great punk tune that it is a surprise how wonderfully Saint Slumber handles post punk dreampop.  This is the song written specifically for me, I swear.  I sleeptalk in my dreams all the time.  And Saint Slumber has perfectly captured that quality where what you dream becomes more real than waking life which leads to that feeling of ennui.

The band says, “Sleeptalk’ is a song that tries to capture the sensation of dreaming about someone you haven’t seen in a long time: The sense of nostalgia, the tension between relief and sadness, that dreamy haze you feel as you try to make sense of it all,” Saint Slumber tell Atwood Magazine. “We wanted to create a musical atmosphere that replicated that place between being awake and asleep: We took the guitar parts of the song and processed them through heavy chorus and VHS-esque tape corruption, which gives the effect of a dreamy memory from childhood. We love what the song turned into, and we hope that people will resonate with the complex and bittersweet sensations that we tried to replicate.”

This song is a perfect representation of that dream world that so many of us inhabit.  This is my song to listen right before bed.

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