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Interview with Stroamata

  • January 30, 2015
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1.  Where did you get the name for the band?  I was researching the word, and could find no reference except to you guys.
If you go online and search for definitions of words that sound like Stroamata or are spelled similarly, you can find some fun stuff. We made the word so that the definition can grow with us.
Currently Stroamata means: “the feeling of being in a transitional place.” An example is a metaphorical transition, like a change in your life, or a physical place, like an airplane (suspended in the air waiting to land in a completely new place).
2.  Where and when did you meet?
We met in Boston throughout the 2000’s. We are originally a Boston band!
3.  Who are some of your influences?  Which bands do you listen to now?
This is always an impossible question, because we are all very different and we are all listening to such different stuff. To put it simply, right now we are trying to cook up a sound like “if Pink Floyd played punk rock!”
4.  Your lyrics are always out there on personal topics.  Is it therapy to write and bear your heart?
Yes and no. We are always IN the music, but the music is not ABOUT us.
5.  There is something grand about the mix of vocals and music that intoxicating.  Just the touch of feedback.  Was that all planned?  How does your live work compare to your studio work?
We write music to be performed live. We try to create our sounds/effects/soundscapes so they can be faithfully reproduced live. In live performance there is always chaos. So is it all planned? Yes. Does always happen as it is planned? Never. 
6.  What do you prefer: live or studio?
We love both. Both are something we are striving to get better at. If we had the choice to have thousands of people own our records versus having thousands of people come to our shows, we would choose the shows. 
7.  I love when Dara sings, “you better not fuck with me”.  I promise, I won’t.  So, when are you guys going to play Pittsburgh?  I need the kick in the ass.
Hey, if you help book it, we will come!

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