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Kekko – “Dreaming Life”

  • July 20, 2021
  • 1 min read
Credit: Jared Rezel

Kekko – “Dreaming Life”

Kekko are the husband-wife duo of Tim Kek and Cherie Ko from Singapore. Kek writes and performs all the instrumentation while Ko is in charge of lyrics and vocals.  Together they have put together a sound that FLOOD magazine refers to as “soundtrack for floating through the Aurora Borealis”.  There is a true ethereal sound to Ko’s voice that is so evenly match by the dreaminess of Kek’s synth textual beauty.  Kekko reminds me of Brian Eno’s Another Green World.  Kekko, though, is anything but boring.  Ko’s voice takes you up in space like St. Elmo’s fire “Splitting ions in the ether” (Brian Eno – “St. Elmo’s Fire).


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