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Kick Ass Emotions: Plaid Dracula – “No Reaction”

  • June 12, 2019
  • 1 min read
Kick Ass Emotions:  Plaid Dracula – “No Reaction”

Plaid Dracula

“No Reaction”

What a great band with a tremendous song.  Plaid Dracula is composed of Sam Gelernter (guitar), Ethan Schneider (drums), and Rachel Adler (bass), and these guys kick ass.  From the guitar riffs, to the drums rolls, to that bonding bass, this is the type of music we’ve been waiting for, rock with no apologies.  As their band said:

“This song is about questioning the foundation of a relationship that’s become very important to you without you even realizing it was happening. There’s all this time and energy invested in this person and in trying to show them who you are, and all of a sudden you’re not sure either of you is doing the other any favors by continuing to believe that’s an outcome that’s possible in this context.”

You can just feel that deepness of that emotion, and we can all identify with it.  Some relationships just “suck” (sorry, had to say it).  It is so great to hear a band as kick-ass as this with great literate lyrics.  I love it also.

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