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Landing on all fours – Morrison – “9 Lives”

  • June 16, 2019
  • 1 min read
Landing on all fours – Morrison – “9 Lives”


“9 Lives”

Appetite For Freedom

What a beautiful song.  Morrison has a unique voice, that sounds as beautiful in the high reaches as in the lower reaches, and when she slides the note on the word “trouble”, a chill goes down my spine.  Backed up with bandmates. Tony Alarcon, Jian Beckford, and Sean Bauzy, Morrison does have this bad cat feline vibe going on.  Definitely not your tameable house cat, which is great.  I was thinking that, reading about her Broadway experience makes so much sense, because Morrison knows how to sing.  Many try to be divas, but few really have the pipes.  Her moves, her voice, her style, her lyrics, she is the embodiment of Bastet.  And as a cat, this singer will always land on all fours.



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