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Marriage And Music: The Royal Foundry – “Running Away”

  • December 2, 2015
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The Royal Foundry

“Running Away”

The Royal Foundry make the kind of uptempo folk pop that comes from harmonious alignment. It makes sense, then, that band members Bethany and Jared Salte are married. The Royal Foundry is Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Keys, Synths: Jared Salte, and Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Keys: Beth Salte.  This combination is tremendous.  This is definitely a place where being married gels to make perfect music.  Delving into their relationship, they are very intimate and honest about their relation and how it works so well.  As Beth states:

Being married and in a band, is really a great thing.  You should try it. You don’t have to call around to your other band members, to discuss a time for a meeting, to then discuss what some new things you want to incorporate for the band, with the hopes that they like it, but you are too afraid to mention something for fear of starting a fight, which would then break the band up and then its not fun for anyone.  Not that, that would happen (what do I know, this is my first band). But it could.

And the combination really works.  I love their sound, their lyrics, their everything.

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  • I love the life “bon vivant” that their music exudes! Makes you to want to run and shout and dance!

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