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Mid Spring’s Night Dream: KissMeKate – Clementine

  • April 17, 2016
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Honestly, KissMeKate is an artist that is really hard to describe.  I honestly think she is a changeling and her parents found her lost in the forest.  I love her simple music, her completely unique phrasing, and her song writing.  The woman behind KissMeKate, Kate Kadenacy, started writing folk music when she was young, while spending countless hours perfecting the meaning and value of her lyrics. After moving from California to Italy at the age of three and living there until young adulthood, Kadenacy experienced the joys and hardships of living abroad with her mother and stateside with her father. With rich, cultural experiences under her belt, she was armed with material to enhance her music. After her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Kadenacy became her caregiver. Watching her suffer and helping her ailing mother affected Kadenacy’s outlook on life and therefore the lyrics that she would eventually sing.

Her lyrics are dark but very unearthly, very much influenced by Roman and Greek mythology and Shakespeare’s more mystical work.  With simple accompaniment and a voice that is super interesting, KissMeKate reminds me of very early Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Below are the lyrics to “Clementine”.  I think she is wonderful.

Son of a bullet
Tricky dodge while I pull it
Trigger you to come on time
From my fingers to your spine
Mother’s lockers’ where I’d hide
Truckers there you can subside
Practice aim your claim to fame
For once you’ve failed at least you’ve tried
Daughter of a trailer park baby mom betrayer
Epitome of a false profit try to make one cause you’re not it
Daddy’s got you by your pocket even if he’s in your locket
By your breast and in your eyes
He will catch you by surprise
Blue were his eyes
Honey suckle her disguise
Once they kissed me on the lips
Calliope was dearly missed
Safe to call this one a fae
Far too fickle for my taste
Tongue to cheek they spend their lives
Many lovers intertwined

I met a boy named Clementine
I met a boy named Clementine
I met a boy named Clementine

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