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Midwest Rock: Ha Ha Tonka – “Race To The Bottom”

  • March 15, 2017
  • 1 min read
Midwest Rock:  Ha Ha Tonka – “Race To The Bottom”

Ha Ha Tonka

“Race To The Bottom”

Heart-Shape Mountain

Ha Ha Tonka have one of the most interesting sounds out there.  Coming from West Plains, Missouri, Ha Ha Tonka is comprised of Brett Anderson -guitar, mandolin and vocals; James Cleare – absolutely everything; Lucas Long – bass & vocals; Mike Reilly – drums & vocals; and Brian Roberts – guitar & vocals.  Their record company claims that “Ha Ha Tonka sit at the crossroads of Americana and indie, where Alabama meets Arcade Fire – shakes their hand and takes them out for a drink.”  This is a perfect description.  Fun without being maudlin, talented without pushing any of the wrong buttons, never being show-offs but being nice guys out to entertain, and, geez, that is exactly what they do.  You like great music?  You’ll love Ha Ha Tonka.  

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