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Music For Fun: Ryan Wong – “Good Lovin'”

  • July 30, 2017
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Music For Fun:  Ryan Wong – “Good Lovin'”

Ryan Wong

“Good Lovin'”

More Milk

This song is so fun, so 60’s sound, but at the same time the modern wit like Adam Green.  Even the name of the new album, More Milk, is fun jab on the fact that Wong is lactose intolerant.  This is great music, made for you to skip along too, like the “59th Street Bridge Song”.  I love this song.  The band consists of Ryan Wong – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Casio; Alex Fleshman – Drums, Percussion; Richard Harkins – Drums; and Seth Snyder – Flute.  All together, they make music that is light-hearted and fun.  As his publicity says:

There’s a little something in these six songs for the deadheads, for John Cale obsessives, and for tough rockers in derby jackets and boots who like to eat mushrooms, sit in the grass and listen to the Emerson Brothers. I’m willing to bet there may even be something for you—Ryan’s probably holding and has plenty to go around.

I love the reference to John Cale.  Cale’s solo albums are free and witty like Wong’s, and that is a great thing.  This is one of the most fun music to come out this year.

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