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Musical Ambassador: Emad Alaeddin – “All My Lovin/Ma Tihtammi”

  • July 17, 2016
  • 2 min read

emad alaeddin

Emad Alaeddin

“All My Lovin/Ma Tihtammi”

Love, Loss, & The In-Between

Emad Alaeddin is truly fantastic.  Being Arab-American, with roots in both Palestine and the USA, Alaeddin bridges the seemingly insurmountable divides between the two cultures with his new EP, Love, Loss, & The In-Between.  By alternating between songs in Arabic and English and with the sounds of both American and Palestinian music, Alaeddin shows us two very important facts:  1. We are all not that different; and 2. Music can unite us in so many ways.  It certainly helps that Alaeddin has one of those voices that can make anyone swoon.   As his press says:

In need of serious soul-searching, Emad returned to the LA music scene with nothing but a notepad, a mic, and a dream. To make upcoming EP Love, Loss, & The In Between a reality, Emad turned to crowd-funding, while self-teaching production and mixing techniques. The result is a highly personal LP, with tracks in both Arabic and English, representing both sides of Emad’s heritage. His music blends Western instruments with subtle vocal stylings reminiscent of the Middle East. With a fascinating story, and a multi-colored approach to his artistry, Emad Alaeddin is the one to watch!

All I have to say, is go Emad.  He really is that good.  The blend of the Mid-East and the West is perfect.  Enjoy.

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  • Everyone in Jordan knows that the Alaeddins’ company didn’t fail. The corrupt government and its illegal backdoor dealings with its competitors is what drove the company to shut its doors. Emad’s family has since filed lawsuits against all parties involved; whether the corrupt court system there would rule justly is an entirely different story.
    Otherwise, great article.

  • Here’s a link written by Emad’s brother, the company’s CEO. Truly sad that the gains of a few elites were made at the expense of the Jordanians

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