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Musical Canvas: Art Schop – “Death Wish I

  • January 17, 2016
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Art Schop

Death Waits I

Death Waits I: Music and Fine Arts

This is beautiful, brooding music by a great musician/songwriter.  Every word is carefully chosen.  No word or note is misplaced.  As his blog says:

Cult alternative rock icon Art Schop uses the rock album as a canvas for exploring philosophical and human themes through words and music. “I love songs,” Art says, “And connecting songs to a bigger, more complex context, that really inspires me.” His most recent album “Death Waits I: Music And Fine Arts” takes inspiration from a wide range of contemporary and historical figures including David Bowie, Lou Reed, Will Oldham, Michelangelo, Giacometti, Sappho and more.

The combination of art and music is so amazing.  As with Leonard Cohen, Art Schop makes precise comments on society that are as timeless as time itself.  Check out all of Schop’s work.  He never disappoints; yet, he always surprises.

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