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Naked Truth: Yuzima – “Black Supremacy”

  • January 13, 2018
  • 1 min read
Naked Truth:  Yuzima – “Black Supremacy”


“Black Supremacy”


Did protest ever sound so funky and sexy?  Yuzima knows what he believes and, using those two frightening aspects of knowledge that the white supremacists hate, music and facts, he gets right to the core of the problems facing this country and the world.  The fact that Yuzima is a tremendous musician with beats galore, memorable melodies, and looks to kill is just icing on the cake.  Yuzima is not afraid to take on the powers that be and tell them just like it is.  Dance your fears away, unite behind and beside him, and maybe we will make a difference.  Yuzima, keep making such beautiful and powerful music.

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