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Nerd Soul: Nick Blaemire – “Evaporate”

  • February 5, 2017
  • 1 min read

Nick Blaemire


The Ampersand EP

What a voice. Nick Blaemire can hit the notes like Sam Smith and Bruno Mars, but he has this twisted sense of melody and lyricism that makes him stand out from the crowd.  Blaemire admits that his roots are Broadway; in fact, at 23, he wrote the score to Glory Days, the youngest to have a show on Broadway.  Stepping away from the Broadway stage, Blaemire is inspired by the wallflower, the underdog and that kid who doesn’t yet have the guts to ask the girl out. His “nerd soul” vibe perfectly bridges classic soul with the innocence and cliche of 80s films – John Hughes, for example. Combining classic soul hooks with a pop energy, Blaemire’s collection of easily digestible tunes is not to be missed. Playing off of this character, Blaemire radiates positivity, bringing a new energy to the mainstream pop scene.  Blaemire has made music for the next generation of “nerds”.  I love his voice and his style.

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