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New Psychedelia: People Flavor – “No Vox”

  • March 19, 2017
  • 1 min read

People Flavor

“No Vox”

People Flavor is one of the new group of psychedelic bands that are coming out.  People Flavor are different because of the Spanish flavor floating through the background.  People Flavor is a four-piece rock band from Montebello, California. While new on the scene, the band can trace its genesis back to a teenaged solo project dreamt up by frontman Fernando Andrade,  along with best bro Byron Turner joining the process soon after. The pair then recruited high school cronies Giovanni Padilla and Andrew Valdez, to become the collaborative effort they are today.  They have this Radiohead meets Duran Duran meets Os Mutantes sound which all melds together to get a sound truly unheard of.  This is a great band.  That Spanish guitar throughout the piece drives me wild, and this is in a good way.  Definitely one of the more original bands out there.  Listen, chill, and enjoy.   (oh, by the way, I know Os Mutantes are Brazilian and not Hispanic, but you get the general tone).

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