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Newborn – “Broken Virgo” – a band on the rise

  • February 15, 2015
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“Broken Virgo”

Broken Virgo

“She swears she’ll love me till I die”.  So ends “Broken Virgo” by Newborn.  The ending shouldn’t surprise, considering the punch this song begins with.  Newborn have constructed a sound that begins with a punch, ends with a punch, and never lets up throughout the whole title song from their debut EP, Broken Virgo.  

(These) Coney-Island natives are forging a path for a new generation of rock lovers with a DIY attitude and mainstream accessibility.

This band has the confidence and the balls to become one of the great bands.  Their sound rocks, and their lyrics are deep.  I LOVE THIS BAND.  Rock on, Newborn, rock on.

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