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Organic Folk: Wished Bone – “Trees We Couldn’t Tell The Size Of”

  • October 6, 2019
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Organic Folk: Wished Bone – “Trees We Couldn’t Tell The Size Of”

Wished Bone

“Trees We Couldn’t Tell The Size Of”

Sap Season

If there is this beautifully organic sound to Wished Bone, it should come as no surprise.  Wished Bone, aka as Ashley Rhodus, has been a plant biologist.  She definitely, as her press says:

finds peace in viewing human behavior and emotion as organic and normal parts of nature; a flower opens up because it is meant to. Often accompanied by instrumentalist Wandering Lake, stripped down melodies float like a cloud atop Kupillas’ subtle drones, simple guitar licks, and clean drums.

Sapped Season presents a

…fresh batch of stories from a mind concerned with dusty domesticity, playing the hand you’re dealt, and great ideas that are as ethereal as they are ephemeral.

Rhodus’ voice is unique, like the flickering of a candle held aloft by steady beat and beautiful arrangements.  There are times that you can hear a definite Belly influence, which of course is always a complement.  Coming from Athens, OH, she is used to the “outsider” environment, and her take on life is unique and beautiful.  I’ll shut up now:  listen to Wished Bone; this is music that is truly a sonic treat.

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