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Other Worldly: Juliet Quick – “Changeling Part I”

  • February 19, 2018
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Other Worldly:  Juliet Quick – “Changeling Part I”
Photo Cred: Hannah Solomon

Juliet Quick

“Changeling Part I”

Changeling EP

This is amazing music.  Maybe this is the music that was being played long ago when fairies were common throughout the world, instead of hidden as now.  Remember, Juliet Quick is 24.  Think of Kate Bush, but even older world than her 17th century.  According to Quick’s bio:

Changeling is a 3-part song series, using the folkloric trope of the changeling, in which a child is stolen by fairies and replaced with an imposter, to explore feelings of alienation from the self and the familiar that characterize early adulthood. They don’t follow a strict narrative, so much as trace different points in the evolution of that psychic experience. The imagery is heavily grounded in the landscape of the Hudson Valley, where the artist was raised. It was recorded in Carmel, NY, where it was engineered and co-produced by Rees Shad in his own studio. The orchestral strings were arranged in a collaboration with Juliet Quick, Rees Shad, and Nathan Kamal.

Juliet Quick is obviously a changeling, but aren’t we all.  I love her music.  Her guitar is quiet, her voice is perfect and subdued, the orchestration is never overdone.  This is the work of a mature artist.

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