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Pop Diva Material: Heather LaRose – “I Could Never Say No”

  • December 7, 2015
  • 1 min read

Heather LaRose2

Heather LaRose

“I Could Never Say No”


What a fun song.  Why isn’t this on the radio?  LaRose’s voice is so tremendous, but not only is she wonderful but she always throws something a little different, a little DIY.  A Westchester, New York native, LaRose began her career by performing at local venues and coffee shops in her hometown. Since then, her music has continued to garner features on reputable media platforms.  She is one of those exceptions to the rules (those “Old Boys” rules) – you know, the one who is talented, beautiful, and doesn’t seem to even know it.  LaRose is our new sex symbol, our new talent.  She has everything.  I love her.

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  • Haha Hey Phil!! <3 love this!! You're awesome! ALSO this is now starting to get radio airplay!!!

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