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Post Punk Ambient Grandeur: James Jacket – “CLEPSYDRA”

  • October 12, 2016
  • 1 min read


James Jacket


James Jacket is the solo project of a musician best known for his work in bands doing Art Punk and New Wave. (Les Baton Rouge and The Watchout Sprouts. His musical career started to take shape when in the end of 1998 he formed (among Suspiria Franklyn) the group Les Baton Rouge.  He is one of the most original artists out there.  Besides giving Portugal a kick with his bands with his sister, Suspiria Franklyn, Jacket has a tremendous record of creating absolutely stunning ambient, post punk work, and “CLEPSYDRA” is no exception.  Everything James Jacket does is so wonderful.  Seriously, check out his work.  Especially for those who love Eno and Eel and other post punk bands.

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