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Post Punk Romanticism: Polyplastic – “Next Slide”

  • June 17, 2018
  • 1 min read
Post Punk Romanticism:  Polyplastic – “Next Slide”


“Next Slide”

Not No

Post punk meets Bryan Ferry, with a hint of Julian Cope, and produces beautiful music.  This is the best way to describe this lovely yet hard-hitting duet.  This is music by the bad boy romantic who reads a lot in the coffee shop after his job as a welder or construction worker.  Polyplastic is the project of Los Angeles natives Charlie Ellis and Emily Ibarra.  It is an amazingly deep EP.  “Next Slide” starts with these beautiful harmonies as in She & Him, then this guitar (sounding like Phil Manzenera) kicks in, and the song is suddenly transformed.  I think Bryan would love this band.  I certainly do.

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