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Protest Music With A Melody: The New Tarot – “America”

  • January 1, 2017
  • 2 min read

The New Tarot


By far my favorite band of occult sisters, and I mean that with the greatest respect.  The New Tarot are comprised of The Walker sisters, Monika (vocals/guitar) and Karen (vocals/keyboard), Chas Langston  (drums), Dave Kahn (bass), Beth Callen (guitar) and David Banker (trombone). They have this great, light sound with heavy-hitting lyrics.  Their first single from their new album, “America”, is a beautiful while hard-hitting lyrics that pull no punches.  Check at their indictment of their native country:

I’m so wonderful, yeah, I’m screwed up, so full of myself, I’m never good enough, America, home of the free and chained, didn’t know the promised land was promised to them, America, I wanna understand my love….
I’m so ignorant and self assured, I want for nothing, I just need more, America, land of a million doors…
Every time I open one, it all looks the same, have I seen it before, (or) is it a trick of the brain, America, nation of deja vu……
Background vocal: And I can’t take anymore…
Background vocal: A star, out in the day, just like tears, caught in the rain…
Background vocal: And I can’t take anymore….
Background vocal: My pride speaks for myself…
Chorus: And if you ever need me darling, if you ever do, I’ll build a hole in the world, and leap on thru,
But if I leave you, baby, if I ever do, you build a hope in the world, and leap on thru…
Verse: It’s perfectly clear, and it don’t make sense, but I call my attacks a form of defense, America, land of the meek and tired. Wanna sail away to a distant shore, but wherever I go, yeah, you’ve been there before, oh, America, you’re such a beautiful whore, America, I wanna understand my love….”

In this three minute song, all the wrongs of the US are laid out with beauty but without malice.  This is just the truth as they see it.  Listen to this song: I believe it is that important.

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