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Punk From NYC: The Original Sharks – “Capital Size”

  • January 31, 2016
  • 1 min read
Photo Cred: Greg Diamond
Photo Cred: Greg Diamond

The Original Sharks

“Capital Size”

Dirty Little Weekend

I love this band.  Each of their songs clock 2 minutes or under and rock like hell.  The Original Sharks are an American rock band from New York that originally formed as a collective recording project in 2010 between Joey Bunick (vocals/guitar) and Jared Diamond (bass) from Allentown, PA, and Dan Garmon (drums) and Mikel McCavana (guitar) from Lexington, MA. With a sensibility that is as New York as The Ramones, these guys suck up that New York feeling.  Also, they know instinctively the best rock songs are short and to the point.  The Original Sharks would fit perfectly into the crowd and bands at CBGB’s while still being fresh and new.  You guys have got to tour Pittsburgh and kick our ass.  What a great band.

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