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Quirkiness: Tomber Lever – “Being Able To Recognize Kin”

  • August 2, 2017
  • 1 min read
Quirkiness: Tomber Lever – “Being Able To Recognize Kin”

Tomber Lever

“Being Able To Recognize Kin”

Future Pedagogue

This is the most fun band I’ve heard since the Residents came roaring on the scene.  This is a band that breaks all taboos of seriousness by stilling being musically excellent.  Think of Modest Mouse (early) with a touch of No Wave and Billy Mumy (Barnes & Barnes).  I love it.  If Zappa were alive, he’d love these guys.  Tomber Lever is comprised of Eli, Taylor, Julia, and Andrew, and they come from the normal little town of La Verne, CA.  I love the fact they call their music Sneaky Experimental Indie Folk Punk Tribe.  I really cannot think of another name for their style, except I know it’s damned good.  Hop on the Tomber Lever bandwagon before it becomes too full.

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