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Return Of The Best: TC&I – Wonderland

  • July 21, 2019
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Return Of The Best:  TC&I – Wonderland



Naked Flames: Live at Swindon Arts Centre 

If, like myself, you were totally blown away when XTC came out in the late 70’s with their intelligent, ironic, beautifully complex music, well, two of the members have formed a band to carry on the legacy of “Generals and Majors”.  Colin Moulding – Bass guitar and lead vocals and Terry Chambers – Drums from the original XTC are joined by Gary Bamford – Keyboards, guitar and vocals, Steve Tilling – Lead Guitar and vocals, and Lee Moulding – Percussion and vocals with Susannah Bevington – Soprano voice on Scatter Me to form TC&I, which has that XTC sound while making it very today and present, and even future.  But then, XTC was always years ahead of most of the bands.  This is a great live album.  Live is the hardest way to get perfect sound, but TC&I have achieved.  Welcome back guys, welcome back.

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