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Rock and Soul: OcnSide – “Taking Me Over”

  • August 12, 2018
  • 1 min read
Rock and Soul:  OcnSide – “Taking Me Over”


“Taking Me Over”

I must admit, OcnSide took me by surprise.  I really wasn’t ready for such a great, melodic, soulful summer song as this.  Maybe it’s the keyboard at the beginning that won me over, then those gorgeous vocals soaring above the beat.  Comprised of David Dennis and Tony “Toeknee” Aguiar, members of that greatly missed Voxhaul Broadcast, after years of touring and playing together, they locked themselves into a hot California studio and created this gem.  Equal parts soul and rock, it’s the honesty and those harmonies that hook you.  Great beach music, car music, collecting autumn leaves music.  You get the picture.

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