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Rock N Roll Lives: Jade Bird – “Uh Huh (Live)”

  • August 19, 2018
  • 1 min read
Rock N Roll Lives:  Jade Bird – “Uh Huh (Live)”

Jade Bird

“Uh Huh (Live)”

This is amazing music.  Jade Bird, that 20-year-old from Great Britain with the heart of a child and the vocals of an adult, wows as usual.  On this live version of “Uh Huh”, Jade Bird hits the ball clear out of the park.  She has one of the most powerful voices ever.  As her bio says:

Jade Bird is that rare, next-generation artist who appears as clued up on the past as she is determined to learn from its lessons: in control, sometimes in your face, and in possession of gifts beyond her years.

All I know is that Jade Bird is one hell of a performer and writer.  I can’t wait to see her live.  What a show she puts on.

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