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Sad Intervention: Be Calm Honcho – “Bad Man”

  • August 17, 2016
  • 2 min read
Photo Cred: Ayse Gursoz
Photo Cred: Ayse Gursoz

Be Calm Honcho

“Bad Man”

What a beautifully, sad, contemplative song.  Be Calm Honcho, comprised of Vocals: Shannon Harney; Bass, Guitar, Keys: Alex Weston; and Drums: Michael Pettett, have written one of those songs you really don’t want to write.  As Harney says this song is about:

“a phone call I couldn’t make to my kid brother because he fell off again. Off the wagon, off the map, out the back door and then silence,…But my kid brother is mine, mine in a way that no other person in the world can be and I had to write him this song to let me know that I am his and also him. I sing this song to him and all the men who are not the worst men and I sing it for the women in silent turmoil because we are essential and giant.”

We’ve all been there; either as the one who has to intervene, or the one for whom the intervention is needed.  This is one of those songs that makes you think.  The guitar is fantastic as it takes the song to heights of pure sadness with a touch of hopefulness.  With a sound reminiscent of Mazzy Star and Poe, Be Calm Honcho is a great band.

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