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Saint Pepsi – Fiona Coyne

  • July 20, 2014
  • 1 min read

saint pepsi

Saint Pepsi

“Fiona Coyne”

Fiona Coyne

Saint Pepsi is the project of Long Island-based musician Ryan De Robertis.  This pop jewel of forlorn love is just enough off-center to make it different.  As DeRobertis’ says, “I just want to make pop my music for freaks, basically.”  In that he succeeds.  There is something oddly choppy about the music in a good way.  This really suits the lyrics, maybe the best line of the year:  “I’ll love you till the record ends.”  How like love.  The video that accompanies the song fits the melancholy strangeness of the song.  This is just a perfect, freaky love song.

Saint Pepsi

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