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Saying Goodbye: Vaness Alegacy – “Hoping & Waiting”

  • July 16, 2017
  • 1 min read
Saying Goodbye:  Vaness Alegacy – “Hoping & Waiting”

Vaness Alegacy

“Hoping & Waiting”

What pipes.  Vaness Alegacy reminds me of Whitney Houston, with her great range and perfect control.  Add the punk attitude of Debbie Harry, and you got the whole package right here.  Alegacy’s homage to the pains of waiting and watching someone go through the agonies of withdrawal is a beautiful, gut-wrenching song, especially when you know there isn’t anything else you can do but just let go.  Alegacy brings this across so much with her beautiful vocals.  Toronto-based, Alegacy has finally found her form as an asskicking lead vocalist.  Welcome the next diva.

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