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See – Feel – Boroko – “Because Life”

  • January 18, 2015
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“Because Life”

Western Child

Australian vocalist Tim Fontaine aka BOROKO has released his new video singer from his sophomore CD, Western Child.  The song, “Because Life”, a beautiful, electronic rocker, deals with the conflict that develops when one’s religious believes conflict with one’s deep sexual desires.  The video is extraordinarily erotic and disturbing in a good way.  “Because Life” is an amazing song that makes you move and makes you think.  BOROKO has really made a statement with this song.  One of the greatest achievements is that BOROKO delivers no solutions for dealing with the demons within.  It is wonderful not to be preached to, but just have the facts presented.  It all works because BOROKO has the voice and talent to pull it all off.  I WANT MORE; MAKE ME THINK.  


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